Physics and Math Resources

I’d guess that the majority of university students (and upper level high schoolers) supplement their in-class learning with online help. I’ve found online teachers much more informative and concise, and therefore more efficient than my schools’ instructors. That’s not to say that I don’t go to class, but for homework and studying, online learning is very helpful.


Because we all have our favourites, I’ve decided to post mine. Sometimes it takes a while to stumble across a teacher you resonate with, so if I can help anybody get to that point by sharing the resources I use, that would be great.


Lassiviren1 (youtube) – concise but in-depth physics videos.

Michael Van Biezen (YouTube) – lots of physics videos.

Dan Fullerton (YouTube) – AP Physics.


PatrickJMT (youtube) – lots of calculus videos.


If you’ve got a resource you usually turn to, don’t hesitate to throw it down in the comments.

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