3D Printer Assembly Notes

These are the notes I made while I was assembling and setting up the 2020 Prusa i3 kit from Folger Tech. It may be of interest to anyone thinking of purchasing the printer, or anyone curious about the nuances of setting up an i3 kit. Presented in chronological order:     There’s some metal on […]

3D Printed WiFi Smart Lock

For a class project, my team and I were lucky enough to be able to build a smart lock. The prototypes were constructed of 3D printed parts for the mechanicals, and all of the electronics and software were designed by me.   Video I made a video of the project here, which goes into detail […]

Fast Iteration With 3D Printing

IdEA SFU is lucky enough to go to all kinds of interesting events where we interact with the public. At one event with SFU Surrey, we were lucky enough to hear from Matthew about his invention that would help prevent his little brother from becoming locked in rooms.   Like most good inventions, this once came from […]