5 Great Resources for Engineering Materials Class

This is the first post in a new series, where I collect my top resources used throughout a semester in the introductory engineering classes. These classes don’t tend to differ a lot between universities, so the resources that I use are likely very useful for many other engineering students. I figured I’d collect them in one place for future students to browse, and please reply with a comment if you have a resource that should be added to the list!



For classes that are less math-based, like my materials class was, quizzes are key to remembering the definitions and concepts. Here is an excellent list of materials quizzes.



Materials Concepts YouTube

This is an excellent set of videos that cover exactly what you need to know.



Your Class Presentations

Chances are, your prof will ask you to draw diagrams of crystal structures, label graphs, and things like that. They’re going to mark based on what was presented in class – so be sure you can replicate the drawings in the lecture slides.


Iron Carbon Phase Diagram

Here is an excellent overview of he Iron-Carbon phase diagram. Lecture slides from other universities are an excellent resource because they may explain things just slightly differently from your professor, and that way might really make the concept click for you.



Composite Materials

This page covers the math behind composite materials in a lot of detail. If you’re struggling with composites, definitely check this one out.



Image: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/rocket-engines-30-1196766

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