CubeSat Computing Boards

At the SFU Satellite Design Team, we’re building a CubeSat from scratch. One of my main roles is designing the onboard computer hardware, as well as developing a lot of the onboard software. This post is a brief overview of the two boards that I designed and the team have assembled thus far. Both of […]

My Top Podcasts

The world of podcasts is something that most people have heard of, but many people may not understand. I’ve been listening to podcasts for years, and I’ll share some favourites. Of course, mine tend to involve the electronics industry and engineering.     1. The Amp Hour I’ve been listening to The Amp Hour since […]

WILTW #1 – LiPo Charging, Jawbone and Drupal

In an effort to write more, I’m going to be starting a series of posts called WILTW (What I Learned This Week). The idea came from the Engineered Truth youtube channel, which is an interesting resource for Engineering students. Some of their stuff is really interesting, and some is a lot less so. Anyway, let’s […]