3D Printed WiFi Smart Lock

For a class project, my team and I were lucky enough to be able to build a smart lock. The prototypes were constructed of 3D printed parts for the mechanicals, and all of the electronics and software were designed by me.   Video I made a video of the project here, which goes into detail […]

TI ARM LaunchPad GPIO Input Tutorial

The TI Tiva Launchpad boards are an excellent way to get started working with ARM microcontrollers. With the Tivaware software suite, they’re not too much harder than an Arduino to program, either. I’ve found the tutorials from TI and elsewhere online to be very helpful. Unfortunately, the TI tutorials go over GPIO outputs, which are […]

Project Intro: GPS Guided Vehicle

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been following (to some extent or another) Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition – the AVC. I always thought building a GPS guided vehicle was reasonably complicated. And it is, but I’ve been realizing it’s well within the realm of doable as I begin to look into it more. […]