Raspberry Pi & OpenCV – UART Communication (Part 2)

In this second post regarding my experiments with OpenCV on the Raspberry pi, I will go over interfacing the OpenCV code with the Pi’s UART, so that I can send image centroids to the auxiliary MCU that will be used for motor control. These posts will be somewhere between a tutorial and a build log […]

Getting Started With OpenCV and Raspberry Pi

I bought a Raspberry Pi nearly a year ago, always intending to use it in OpenCV experiments. Just recently, I got around to starting the project. The current plan is to make a small robot that first, uses computer vision to track and follow an object. The next phase will be obstacle avoidance, and is […]

Project Intro: GPS Guided Vehicle

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been following (to some extent or another) Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition – the AVC. I always thought building a GPS guided vehicle was reasonably complicated. And it is, but I’ve been realizing it’s well within the realm of doable as I begin to look into it more. […]